The preparation for the election of new Executives of YSN Lagos is on and the elections proper will be conducted in a few weeks’ time. Applications are opened to all but registered members of YSN Lagos only. Only persons registered are eligible to vote and can be voted for.

Members are expected to register to be able to vote and those interested in holding any of the available positions are expected to use the links in the details below.

Available positions are as follows;

*State Coordinator

*Deputy State Coordinator

*General Secretary

*Publicity Secretary

*Financial Secretary


Details of the Election process are as follows:

  1. Expression of interest to be done using this link…


2. Voters registration is to be done using this link…


Campaigning and other information about the election are on the flyer. The election shall be conducted using online polls on the said date as displayed on the flyer.

For inquiries send an email to ysnlagos@gmail.com or Whatsapp at +2348074474062.

Note: Only Registered members of YSN Lagos are eligible to vote and be voted for.

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