YSN Lagos 2019 Conference

It is not news there is a need to have an Urbanised society with adequate smart city facilities in place but there are so many challenges emerging from the anticipated goal. We cannot also shy away from our direct input in a positive manner to help make our environment liveable for us.

In line with the objectives of Young Surveyors Network Lagos-State (YSN Lagos), to collaborate with the State Government by carrying out research and holding conferences that will bring great minds together to discuss solutions that will contribute to the development of the State, YSN Lagos has decided to focus its 2019 Annual Conference on some of the major setbacks of Urbanization in Lagos-State which includes;

  1. Increase in the rate of slums and unorganized settlement patterns.
  2. Climate change.
  3. Increase in the rate of accumulated exposed refuse location within the state.
  4. Excessive flooding, etc.

In view of this, the conference is expected to center on the developmental issues and how to ensure that they do not continue to withhold the various approaches to a sustainable environment.

The United Nation’s blueprint on “The Sustainable Development Goals” has outlined the major challenges faced globally and Lagos state is not an exception. With more occurring flooding, slums, waste pollution, etc., this conference will be themed; “The Emerging Urban challenges and Disaster management”. The following issues will be addressed:

  1. Causes of poor physical planning, available policies and ways of better implementation.
  2. Environmental waste pollution education and new approaches.
  3. Other ills of Urbanization and ways to manage them.
  4. The effectiveness of the laid down government policies and a wide perspective view to improving the policies.

The conference will be a panel session of interactions with room for questions and answers from the audience. The Panel will be drawn from prominent stakeholders and experts in the environmental industry at both Government agencies and non-government / non-profit agencies.

At the end of the conference, we believe that the issues discussed would enlighten the public on the dos and don’ts of environmental management. We also believe that these issues will bring about a means of advising the government/policy-making agencies on new approaches that can lead to the actualization of the Sustainable Development goals and in the long run, help create a conducive environment for the future.

Date: Wednesday, 11th of December 2019

Venue: LCCI Conference & Exhibition Center, 10, NurudeenOlowopopo drive, Alausa, Ikeja.

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